Thursday, October 28, 2010

i keep having the weirdest dreams lately.

Last week I dreamt there was a Walmart by my school and a terrorist blowing up cars in the parking lot, including my own. Lots of people got hurt, I escaped to the Walmart where my friend worked and we were trying to hide out and be discreet because we didn't know if there was an accomplice or not yet.

Last night I dreamt I was in Mexico somewhere and a bunch of us were at a restaurant just off the marina, but it was just under sea level so you could see all the boats and creatures that came swimming by. We saw this huge sea lion, about the size of a baby whale and then this woman jumped into the water by the sea lion. First of all, you shouldn't jump in water by a marina, its just dumb. But she did. And she swam back up and a dog jumped in after her, the dog then got out of the water after seeing the sea lion and got on the boat. Then the sea lion jumped on the back of the boat, they looked at each other and then the sea lion got back in and swam down. Then the woman swam down and started slapping the sea lion's tale and then it bit her arm. For some reason I went to the marina where the rescue plane was and told them what had happened and we went and got the girl. I told them the truth and why she had gotten bit. Then they said I could water ski behind the plane if I wanted so I did, this other girl did it with me, she was a rescue girl too, so she had different ski's hers actually sank because they were so heavy so after a few turns they had to drop us in the water and we had to let go of the ropes. Well when they took her rope she started to sink and as I was standing on the water a big shark came up and tried to eat me. They threw the rope back down to her to get her above the water and then she grabbed me and we were off again, they pulled us up into the air as we were flying. I was standing right on the edge of the door that was open and almost fell off a bunch of times. I wasn't strapped in or anything so I was just holding on to this big guy as tight as I could, completely terrified. We finally got back to the ground and my mom was there waiting for me, it had been so much I started crying.  Then we were walking back to the restaurant and we saw this door that we thought would take us across the marina... it opened up into a polar bear pavilion. It was slippery and there was a drop off so we tried to hurry out of there before a polar bear could jump up on its ledge and get us. We got out just in time and closed the door and held it shut as a polar bear almost walked out. After that we decided to walk on the beach the whole way back. I woke up and didn't want to visit Mexico.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

h-a-double l-o-w-double e-n spells halloween

Well Ben left yesterday. :( I've been sad ever since, not too mention I got a speeding ticket right by the airport which resulted in a large and expensive ticket. Not excited. Seriously, lottery, I need you. Yesterday I got home after the airport and went back to bed for 3 hours. It felt so so good. Then I made some delicious white cheddar macaroni and cheese. I'd been craving it since Ben got here, so it was good to indulge. I ate the rest of it for dinner and the chicken that Ben made me the other night. What a keeper, he takes such good care of me. And topped it off with some chocolate cake, yum. I also watched a ton and a half movies yesterday, I was just in the mood to relax I guess.
  1. The Proposal- 2 stars
  2. The Black Dahlia- 0 stars. Please save yourselves from this film.
  3. Sorority Wars- 0 stars
  4. Law Abiding Citizen- 4 stars. Seriously good and mind boggling.
  5. Obsessed- 2 stars
  6. Passengers-1 star
  7. Iron Man 2- 1 star
Today I've been catching up on homework and watching the Husker game. Go Big Red!! 6-1 now, not bad, though that 1 could have been avoided. I just got a card in the mail from one of my besties from Homaha. It's a Halloween card and it has 4 witches sitting at a table drinking martinis, underneath it reads "New Series: Sex in the Coven". The witches are saying to each other "I'm dating a wizard, but he can't get his wand to work." "I got dumped by a vampire. He said I had garlic breath!" "I'm seeing a werewolf, but we only do it once in a full moon." "I slept with a hunchback last night. He was hung like a church bell." So clever, I loved it. I miss her so and I'm really sad not to be spending Halloween with her this year. Partner, you celebrate in style for the both of us.

Song of the Moment
Do It Again- Stroke 9

27 Days til I see Ben